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Rapid Reading and Composition

इयत्ता ११  व १२ English -(MS - BOARD ) च्या प्रश्नपत्रिकेत Section - C (Rapid Reading and Composition) या विभागामध्ये साधारणता चार प्रकारचे प्रश्न विचारले जातात. ते पुढीलप्रमाणे

1 . Imagine that you are "--------" Or Rewrite the extract as if "----" are narrating it.

त्या कहाणीतील पात्राच्या जागेवर आपण स्वतः आहो असे समजून त्या उतार्याचे Composition करावे . या साठी त्या उताऱ्यात असणाऱ्या प्रथम पुरुषी सर्वनामाचे (I , me, my  ) चे रुपांतर तृतीय पुरुषी सर्वनामामध्ये (क्रमशा he/she , him/her/ ,his/her) करावे . तसेच तृतीय पुरुषी सर्वनामाचे रुपांतर प्रथम पुरुषी सर्वनामामध्ये करावे . उताऱ्यातील वाक्ये जशीच्या तशी न वापरता साध्या सोप्या स्व भाषेत (इंग्लिश) मध्येच लिहावे .मुळ उतार्याच्या 60% ते 70 % Composition असावे .
Example: 1 Imagine that you are one of Herman's brother and rewrite the extract as if Herman's brother is narrating it. 4 Marks

Scheme of marking

Proper use of personal pronoun                      1
Covering all essential points                            1
Proper sequence of events                                1
Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling 1

An extract from 'The Girl With An Apple' " It was the last I ever saw of her....................She didn't understand.

We were transported in a cattle car to Germany.We reached concentration camp a week later. The next day My brother Herman and all other inmates were issued uniforms and identification numbers. Herman warned me not to call him Herman any more. He suggested to call him with 94983 the number which was then his identity in the camp. Herman was put to work in the crematorium . He had to load the dead into a hand-cranked elevator. It grieved him but he became hardened. Soon we were sent to Schlieben near Berlin. Herman told me that in his dream he heard mother's voice telling about sending an angel. We didn't believe about this dream coming true in such a place.But a couple of days later Herman met with a girl who didn't understand German.( Later this girl turned into an angel for Herman.)

2. Convert the above extract into a short continuous write-up in about 120 words.

हा प्रश्न Rapid Reading Section मधील One Act Play ला भार मिळावा म्हणूनच समावेशीत करण्यात आला असावा. Dialogue Writing चा counterpart म्हणूनही ह्या प्रश्नाला महत्व आहे . ह्या प्रश्नाचे composition करायचे म्हणजे त्या उतार्यातील व्यक्तींमध्ये झालेला संवाद वर्णनात्मक पद्धतीत मांडावा लागतो . write up सुरु करतांना Begin with .... अशी सूचना दिली असल्यास त्याचा उपयोग करून पुढे सुरुवात करावी . दिलेल्या उताऱ्यातील  कंसा मधील directions  योग्य तो उपयोग करावा. Reporting verbs(pointed out, suggested, requested, called upon, shouted, advised, addressed, informed etc) चा योग्य उपयोग करून direct conversation चे indirect speech करून घ्यावे . सगळेच वाक्य /शब्द composition मध्ये वापरण्याची आवशकता नाही. यात Paraphrase करणे अपेक्षित आहे

Example :Convert the above extract into a short continuous write-up in about 120 words. 4 Marks

Extract from R.R 5 NO FEAR pg 189
Tom : I say, we are getting soaked to the skin. We'd better..............................
Ginger: Have you got your torch George?
Tom suggested that as the kids were getting soaked to the skin , they should stand in that doorway. To that George teased if all those kids were afraid of  rain. Tom asserted that he was not afraid but he suggested to get out of the rain because of Alfie's new suit. If Alfie's suit got wet there would be row on reaching home. So he asked Alfie to get in the doorway. He found the door unfastened. Tom glanced about in the house and expressed that the place was rum-looking one. Alfie warned not to go in. Tom didn't heed to his warning . He took few cautious steps. He felt that there was nobody to stop them. He called upon to George and Ginger to come inside the house to get rid of rain. Getting in Ginger expressed his fear of getting caught for housebreaking. George asked him not to talk like that. They have not broken house. The door was already unlocked. Tom also said that nobody would take objection on taking shelter from storm.

3. Read the extract and convert it into dialogue between........

या प्रकारच्या composition मध्ये दिलेल्या दोन  पात्रांमध्ये संवाद तयार करायचा असतो . दिलेल्या उताऱ्यात त्या दोन  व्यक्ती मध्ये  काहीसा संवाद असतो त्याचा उपयोग करून उताऱ्यातील संदर्भ लक्षात घेवून तसेच कल्पनेचा वापर करून dialogue writing करावे .
Read the extract and write a short piece of dialogue between Charles and Oliver. 4 Marks

Scheme of Marking

Relevance to the theme 1
Thematic sequence       1
Conversational style     1
Accuracy of language  1

Fredrick had a very famous wrestler................to do his best to kill Orlando.

Charles:Hey. Oliver, would you persuade Orlando to give up the idea of wrestling?
Oliver :Why do you warn?
Charles:I'm professional wrestler . And I must always fight to win.Anyone who fights me runs the risk of being badly hurt.
Oliver :But Orlando is ungrateful and deserve the punishment. I would rather you break his neck than finger.
Charles:You want me to hurt him.
Oliver : Yes, You have my permission to do what you like with the boy.
Charles:I promise you to do my best to kill Orlando.

4. Extend the extract by adding an imaginary paragraph of your own in about 120 words.

हा प्रश्न writing skill शी निगडीत आहेच तसेच कल्पना शक्तीला चालना  देणारा आहे. दिलेल्या वेळेत कल्पना करणे व त्यानुसार paragraph लिहिणे  अपेक्षित आहे. त्या उताऱ्यात जे घडले त्या नंतर काय घडेल याचा विचार करून composition तयार करावें . 
Read the following extract and extend it by adding an imaginary paragraph of your own in about 120 words. 

Scheme of Marking

Relevant imaginative addition  1
Novelty in thought content        1
Narration style                           1
Accuracy of language               1
Extract from "The Girl With An Apple"   'A couple of days later,................................................ I heard her say faintly,"I'll see you tomorrow."

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