Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Test Yourself : Verb Forms 1

Select the proper alternative to complete the sentence

Check the answer to each multiple-choice question, and click on the "Send Form" button to submit the information.

1.Everybody ......by the terrible news yesterday.


was shocked

2. Mr. Green ......at the University since 1989.

has been teaching

has been taught

3.Not much .....about the accident since that time :

has said

has been said

4. A new book .... by that company next year. :

will publish

will be published.

5. He...... the girl's name.

is remembered.
6.The secretary ...... to her new boss yesterday.

was introduced
7.Our plan ...... by the members of the committee.
is considered
is being considered
8. He .... responsible for the accident.

was holding

was held
9. A prize..... to whoever solves this equation.
will be giving
will be given
10.When the manager arrived, the problem....
had already been solved
had already solved
11.Scientists ...... for information about how animals communicate.

12.A polling officer ....... with the Crime Watch programme to keep our neighbourhood safe.
13.Mathew often ..... the four flights of stairs for exercise.
14.They ....English for 11 years.
have been learning
were learning
15.Mother ......cooking when father entered the kitchen.
had finished


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