Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Use of "Neither---nor"

Observe the following sentences.
1. He eats neither a mango nor an orange.
2. We speak neither English nor Hindi.
3. The poor man can neither feed nor  clothe his son.
4. We could neither play nor work.
5. Neither we nor they worked.
6. Mother neither cooked nor ate rice.
7. Neither he nor his neighbours have troubled us.
8. Neither his neighbours nor he has troubled us.
9. Neither the girl nor the boy has passed.
10. Neither he nor his brother is right.
 Try to make your own sentences of the kind

 neither---nor ची रचना नकारात्मक असते. याने दोन कर्ते, किंवा दोन क्रीयापदे, किंवा दोन कर्म जोडल्या जातात.
दिलेली दोन वाक्य neither ---nor  ने जोडतांना त्यामधिल does not, do not, did not, not काढुन टाकतात.
 त्यामधिल फरक दर्शविणारे शब्द निवडूण पहिल्या शब्दाच्या मागे neither व दुसर्‍या शब्दाच्या मागे nor जोडतात.
जेव्हा अनेकवचनी कर्ता व  एकवचनी कर्ता neither--nor ने जोडतात तेव्हा क्रियापदाचे रुप त्याच्या जवळील कर्त्याच्या वचनानुसार वापरतात. वाक्य क्रमांक 7, 8 पहावे.

1. He does not like tea. He does not like coffee.
     He likes neither tea nor coffee.
2. Gadchandur is not a village. Gadchandur is not a city.
     Gadchandur is neither a village nor a city.
3. My father did not help me in my studies.  My mother did not help me in my studies.
      Neither my father nor my mother helped me in my studies.
4. He can not read. He can not write.
     He can neither read nor write.
5. Satish was not present in the class. His friends were not present in the class.
     Neither Satis nor his friends were present in the class.
Neither Satish's friends nor he was present in the class.
6.She did not return my note. She did not inform me about it.
She neither returned my note nor informed me about it.


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