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Do as Directed

  1.  It was dinner time when he finished . (Rewrite as simple sentence)
  2.  On the hooks were more fish than the others had caught all together. (Change the degree) 
  3. He has become the fourth -largest manufacturer of personal computers in America.(Rewrite in Future Perfect Tense) 
  4. Michael Dell was the youngest man ever to head Fortune 500 corporation.(Change the degree)
  5. Growing up in Houston, Texas, Michael and his two brothers were imbued by their parents.( Rewrite as compound sentence)
  6. I wasn't a bad doctor. (Add a question tag)
  7. I wasn't quite sure of myself. (Rewrite as affirmative)
  8. I had successive ideas of specializing in dermatology, in aural surgery, in pediatrics but discarded them all. (Rewrite as simple sentence)
  9. I took him around with me . (Change the voice)
  10. When I saw the prizes and read the citation Chaitanya had received, I was stupefied. (Use  'No sooner......than')
  11. He was a special child. (Rewrite as Rhetorical question)
  12. One day , King Amrut and Chandan were taking a walk on the terrace of the palace. (Rewrite the sentence using Past Perfect Continuous Tense)
  13. They could see far into the distance.( Use 'able to' )
  14. He was delighted to see the prosperity of his kingdom.(Use gerund form of the underlined word)
  15. What more could they ask for?(Rewrite as Assertive sentence)
  16. Soon he walked up to the king and whispered something in his ears. ( Use 'No sooner....than')
  17. "Did you like the story, Meenu?"Raghu asked. (Rewrite into Indirect speech)
  18. I would show him my finger. (Use 'used to')
  19. I would close the cage and put it near my pillow. (Rewrite as simple sentence)
  20. At 6 sharp in the morning, he would start to be restless.( Frame wh-question to get the underline part as an answer)
  21. When he became a fully grown up one , he began to go far and wide. (Use  'No sooner......than')
  22. The bird was spotted in pairs almost everyday. (Change the voice)
  23. How can they be seen? ( Rewrite as Assertive)
  24. It is achievable. (Rewrite as negative)
  25. All this is being done very efficiently and at a low cost.(Change into Active Voice)
  26. Parking will be difficult and expensive. ( Use "not only .... but also)
  27. People will use public transport rather than cars. (Make it less certain)
  28. There are some glimmers of hope. (Add a question tag) 
  29. They have excuses ready when they reach office late. (Identify the clause)
  30. They have never seen a sunrise. (Change the voice)
  31. She felt terrible about this tendency. (Rewrite as Exclamatory)
  32. His father would undoubtedly be left shaking  his head and burying himself deeper into his newspaper. (Use 'not only...but also')
  33. "They have promised that the funds we have given to initiate the process will be returned to us,"Mr. Pawar says.(Rewrite as Indirect speech) 
  34. Can you please hold it for me? (What does underlined Modal Auxiliary indicate?)
  35. It should keep for a while. (Replace the Modal Auxiliary with another indicating obligation)
  36. Reuben respectfully touched his worn cap. (Rewrite the sentence using adjective form of the underlined word.)
  37. He ran towards the sound and stopped at a construction site. ( Rewrite as simple sentence)
  38. Dora had never received such a gift. (Rewrite in Present Perfect tense)
  39. A religious ceremony was attended by nearly two lakh people.(Begin with -Nearly two.....)
  40. As we were nearing the steps leading to a foot over bridge, people started pushing from behind. ( Use 'no sooner ... than' )
  41. There was nothing she could do about it. (Rewrite as Rhetorical Question)
  42. "They have promised that the funds that we have given to initiate the process will be returned to us," Mr. Pawar said. (Rewrite as Indirect Speech)
  43. The school had no regular calendar. (Rewrite as Affirmative)
  44.  India's present epoch maker has come over here to bless the state of Maharashtra. (Use gerund form of underlined word)
  45. Both India and Maharashtra can progress only when there is oneness of interest. ( Use 'If ..not')
  46. I had no anxiety and no high ambitions. ( Use 'neither......nor )
  47. It was tough but intellectually satisfying. (Rewrite as complex sentence)
  48. He brought the coconuts down. (Change the voice)
  49. It is a book about the transformation of India. ( Begin with - 'The book....')  
  50. Can anyone really conceive of a world without poverty? (Rewrite as Assertive Sentence)
KEY For The Above Exercise

      Do as Directed

      EXERCISE 1
      1. I disliked the idea of making Omelette. [Make it Negative.]
      2. Mother was not at home. [Add a question tag.]
      3. As soon as Dave had begun his second year when he heard himself hopelessly swamped. [Use - 'No sooner---than]
      4. Don't lose faith. [Add a question tag]
      5. I used to spend hours under it. [ use- Modal Auxiliary 'would']
      6. He was treated with respect. [Change the voice]
      7. I have tried getting you into the kitchen. [Identify the tense]
      8. She has played the role in Hollywood . [Rewrite in Present Perfect Continuous Tense.]
      9. He may have laughed in the company of his friends. [What does the underlined word indicate -Permission OR Possibility]
      10. The science class--(start) when Satish---(reach) the college. [Use suitable tense forms]
      11. This is the greatest lesson in life. [ Change the degree]
      12. Are they free from the burden of parental aspiration? [Rewrite as Assertive]
      13. Let us resolve to give our children the freedom of childhood. [Add a question tag]
      14. He is the right person to do this. [Make it Rhetorical]
      15. Dean had been feeding him fresh rabbit's legs. [Identify the tense]
      16. The problem was so difficult that I could not solve it. [Use-'too']
      17. Girls and boys are given equal opportunity. [ Use-'not only-but also']
      18. There was no electricity; no primary school. [ Use -'neither-nor']
      19. What a pleasant idea! [Make it Assertive]
      20. My father's moods were as hot as Chennai's climate. [Change the degree]

      Exercise 2
      1. Hitlar was the cruellest ruler in modern history.(Change the degree)
      2. That is not the way a gentleman should behave.(Make it Rhetorical)
      3. How great Shivaji Maharaj was! (Make assertive)
      4. What a witty remark it is! ( Make assertive)
      5. This is a very interesting novel. (Rewrite as exclamatory)
      6. These boys are very brave. (Rewrite as exclamatory)
      7. The boy was too exhausted to get out of the pool. (Use - 'so ---that')
      8. This sum is difficult. (Make it negative)
      9. This is not a slow local train. ( Make it affirmative)
      10. There was --- tree on the hill. --- tree was lonely. ( Fill in the blanks with articles)
      11. I received your kind letter. (Change the voice)
      12. ....young should come forward to shoulder responsibility.(Fill in the blank with articles)
      13. She put some water into the dog's dish. (Indentify the tense)
      14. What a beautiful piece it is! (Rewrite as assertive)
      15. He was an awful looking man. (Rewrite as exclamatory)
      16. She set the alarm. (Begin the sentence with 'The alarm...')
      17. Would he answer me?( Rewrite as assertive)
      18. Sankalp has helped a total 22 SHGs. ( Change the voice)
      19. The complaint was taken seriously.(Begin the sentence with 'Police took.....')
      20. You didn't help her. (Change the voice)

      KEY 2

      1. COMP: Hitlar was crueller than any other ruler in modern history.
      POSI: No other ruler in modern history was as cruel as Hitler.
      2. Is that the way a gentleman should behave?
      3. Shivaji Maharaj was very great.
      4. It is indeed a witty remark.
      5. What an interesting novel this is!
      6. How brave these boys are!
      7. The boy was so exhausted that he could not get out of the pool.
      8. This sum is not easy.
      9. This is a fast local train.
      10. There was a tree on the hill. The tree was lonely.
      11. Your kind letter was received by me.
      12. The young should come forward to shoulder responsibility.
      13. She put some water into the dog's dish. Simple Past Tense
      14. It is a very beautiful piece.
      15. What an awful looking man!
      16. The alarm was set by her.
      17. He would not answer me.
      18. A total 22 SHGs have been helped by Sankalp.
      19. Police took the complaint seriously.
      20. She was not helped by you.

      Exercise 3
      1. We give it up and doze off. (Rewrite as simple)
      2. A problem which had proved a hard nut to crack was solved yesterday in a jiffy. (Rewrite as simple)
      3. Ganukaka was relating the story of a neighbor of his. ( Change the voice)
      4. When the war started, there was a boom in the market. ( Use No sooner ….than)
      5. His business was growing so fast that he had hardly time for a few hours’ sleep.(Use ‘too’)
      6. Doctors recommended various medicines but the child lost its life.( Use ‘though’)
      7. I …..(remember) an anecdote which I ……(read) recently.(Fill in the blanks with suitable tense forms of verbs given in bracket)
      8. Lama had been doing penance for ages in a cave.( Identify the tense)
      9. Many of them are struggling in many places.(Use Past perfect continuous)
      10. Josh paused, watching his father’s light recede. (Rewrite in compound sentence)
      11. This is the hole. The snakes live here. (Combine the sentences using relative pronoun) asked as a comment
      12 The Ganga is -------sacred river.(Use suitable article in the blank space)Q.12 to 15 asked by a former student.
      13. The dog sprang --------- the table.(Use suitable preposition in the blank space)
      14. It appears, I haven't been to the theater ------- ages.(Use suitable preposition in the blank space)
      15  Industrial wastes pollutes/pollute the atmosphere. (Rewrite using correct verb form)
      16 Cricket is more popular than any other game in India. (Change into superlative degree)asked from blogger contact form.
      17. We had a wonderful time last evening.(make it exclamatory sentence )asked from blogger contact form.

      Key 3
      1. Giving it up we doze off.
      2. A problem having proved a hard nut to crack was solved yesterday in a jiffy.
      3. The story of a neighbor of his was being related by Ganukaka
      4. No sooner did the war start than there was a boom in the market.
      5. His business was growing too fast to have any time for a few hours’ sleep.
      6. Though Doctors recommended various medicines, the child lost its life.
      7. I remembered an anecdote which I had read recently.
      8. Lama had been doing penance for ages in a cave. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
      9. Many of them had been struggling in many places.
      10. Josh paused and watched his father’s light recede.
      11. This is the hole where the snakes live .
      12 The Ganga is a sacred river.
      13. The dog sprang upon the table.
      14. It appears, I haven't been to the theater for ages.
      15  Industrial wastes pollute the atmosphere.
      16 superlative : Cricket is the most popular game in India.
      Positive :      No other game in India is as popular as cricket.

      17. What a wonderful time we had last evening !

      Subject Verb Agreement
      Do as directed class ssc
      Do as directed grade 11


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