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View And Counter-view

View And Counter-view

Prepare a paragraph with an appropriate title to be used for the counter-view section on the the following topic in about 120 words:
"Should SMS language be allowed in exams?"
You can take help of the following points included in the view section:

View Section
Yes. It's the revolution against written word.
  • It's a growing linguistic revolution.
  • It sharpens students' ability to think about construction and precision of words.
  • Students will use numerals,punctuation marks and symbols to convey message.
  • It's an art form.
SMS Language Ruins the English Language.
SMS language can not be a revolution as it leads to confusion among the readers.The use of sms language varies from person to person.It is said that before evolution of language people would use symbols to convey or express their feelings. Gradually symbols took the forms of modern languages.Is it fare to use primitive symbols which were discarded ? If students are allowed to use SMS language in the exam , they will use their own contracted forms, typical words. Such varied use of language will stand as obstacles to examine and give due credit. The regular language has a lot of scope to sharpen students' ability in using it. Numerals, punctuation marks and symbols have their own place in the language. But they can not take the place of language itself. SMS language is coined to save the time and also to avoid the excessive use of fingers over small devices. In the exam enough time provided. What kind of art is it to contract words ? So students should not be allowed to use SMS language in the Exam.

Prepare a paragraph with an appropriate title to be used for the counter-view section on the the following topic in about 120 words:
Study says homework does not help students score better grades
View Section
"Homework Still a Key Part of Education"
  1. It engages the child with his study more effectively.
  2. It engages the child with what is going on in the class.
  3. Homework inculcates students with life skills.

View section  मध्ये  दिलेल्या मुद्यांच्या विरोधी बाजूने counter-View  साठी paragraph तयार करावा . 

Homework should be abolished

School is stressing out our youngsters, as evidenced in the high number of school students committing suicide.
We should, therefore, be committed to removing stress from the school system. A primary contributor to stress is the oppressive burden of daily homework given to the student. Wrestling with piles of homework parent and kids alike are exhausted. The truth is that much of the take-home assignments are needless.
After long-drawn school hours, kids return home and immediately get down to tackling the day's homework.
Where is the time to relax and do other extra-curricular activities? Little wonder that kids, these days,
appear highly-strung and reluctant to go to school. School-related stomachaches, headaches, sleep problems and depression are on the rise. The constant pressure of moving from one deadline to another leaves them perpetually harassed. Parents too have a hard time, often doing a major part of the homework to help out the child. Is homework necessary to get good grades? There's no foundation for this belief. The fear and pressure of homework exhaust students, killing their curiosity and most importantly their keenness and desire to learn. In many countries like the US, Denmark and Japan, schools have cut down on or entirely eliminated homework, since it contributes nothing to learning or creativity.

At home the debate over homework is yet to have an impact. Even though there's been discussion around inordinately heavy school bags which burden children, directly linked to the issue of homework.

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